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But I want to fly!

But I Want To Fly! Is the artfully illustrated rhyming poem of Vee, a heroine who decides to listen to her heart and makes her dreams come true.

Much more than a picture book, But I Want To Fly! is an allegory for transformation. Vee confronts her limitations and transmutes her fear, doubt, and inertia into inspired action — which changes her life forever.

If you’ve ever had the experience of suppressing a desire for fear of failure, rejection, or ridicule, this story will speak directly to your heart and soul, and inject a dose of inspiration into your being.

While it looks like a children’s book, this book is intended for more mature adolescents and adults. The book depicts some images and themes (such as jumping off of a cliff with homemade wings!) that may not be suitable for very young children. Use your discretion, and if you’re not sure, listen to the poem and watch the trailer to get a sense.


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