When Michelle speaks, sparks fly...

Michelle Villalobos, MBA, CSP, (AKA: The “Superstar Activator”) works with mission-driven Superstars to reimagine and redesign their careers, businesses, and lives for more freedom, fulfillment, income, and impact. She does this by helping them align what they DO with who they (really) ARE, and then build out the plan of action—and mindset—to support the new vision.

During her 15+ years as a mentor and speaker, Michelle’s most popular presentations and programs include: Brand Yourself Like A Superstar, Work & Play, Every Day; and Sales As Service; among others. She leads the Intensive Superstar Business Breakthrough 3 times a year, during which participants design and develop a new vision and 90-day launch plan –in just 3 days.

She also recently launched But I Want To Fly! an inspirational performance and keynote all rolled up into one. Oh, and it’s a book too.


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